John D Hastings


As featured in the podcasts above:

The exciting new versions of "Game Of Life" (Interview One), "This Is The Way" and "Who Can It Be?" (Interview Two).

Please remember when you buy and download from my website, you support my music by enabling me to create even more songs for you. It's a Win Win!

These podcasts will describe my inspirations and goals as a singer songwriter in the "new music industry". Let's share the challenges and wins together. As my fans, I appreciate you and need your support. So it's very much our journey and we're on a rocky road together as I know the pandemic has hit every one hard.

Other singer songwriters, musicians and music industry bods will contribute their thoughts and feelings about music. Come back for those podcasts or email me about the type of podcasts you would like to listen to. I welcome your comments too!

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When It's Gone