John D Hastings

When Its Gone



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This is Eston Hills, North Yorkshire on fire. A natural landscape being destroyed by arsonists and climate change.

Eston Hills, North Yorkshire, England is being ravaged by arson attacks and damaged by vandals.

The issue is made worse by drier climates due to global warming. This song was released for Global Day of Action for Climate Justice 2021. Let's take action!

I grew up and played on Eston Hills. It's a small part of bigger landscapes of the World. Yet everywhere is someone's home. Help me preserve this special piece of the land for future generations to enjoy. The senseless destruction of an important heritage site inspired me to write this song. I want to empower people to band together, stand up for their environment when it’s under threat. Let’s use music as a positive and non-violent way to drive change and create a sustainable world. Before it’s too late.

We are making a donation to support the “Ice and Fire”: Eston Hills rescue project. Please buy and download!