John D Hastings


My wife Frankie and I grew up in places where people looked out for each other and connected through social activities.

We all thrive in a caring community. It’s important to share our success and talents, help build a fair and happy environment in which to live, work and play.

As a singer songwriter I craft songs and sing lead, harmonies and backing vocals. I set up my own music and fan site with Frankie to show music is universal no matter what your age or background. Please join our journey, buy and download directly from our website. We promise we will reinvest into making and sharing with you fantastic original music and more. From us and our music friends and collaborators: Thank you so much!

Music is truly universal. It brings joy, helps us express our emotions. Music connects people.

Community projects

♥ Pride in London 2021:

To celebrate Pride in London 2021 when the parade was cancelled, I performed at FEASTY FEST Surrey's biggest food and drink festival. In front of 5000+ people! My songs "Lions" and "The Unspoken Words" (November 2022 release) acknowledge the courage and dignity of people in the face of prejudice and persecution, who are simply trying to express their true selves and identities. Often our life choices remain hidden, so "Lions" is an opportunity to celebrate our diversity with pride when I sing "let's put the kind back in mankind"!

♥ "Ice and Fire" Eston Hills Yorkshire project:

My song “When It’s Gone” supports a rescue community project, North-East England by highlighting environmental issues. 

I heard about Cleveland Archaeology Trust (CAT),  formed by Spence Carter an archaeologist leading a rescue excavation called “Ice and Fire” on Eston Hills, with the Archaeological Society. It’s a “rescue project” due to the damage caused by fires, vandalism and quad bikers churning up the earth.

Frankie and I got in touch with Spence, to support CAT whose own funding streams have now been put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic. We will make a donation from UK digital sales of “When It’s Gone” from this website, to the “Ice and Fire” Eston Hills project and community work. 

Initially written about the Eston Hills' fires, the song's message became much bigger: worldwide arson attacks causing wild fires and bush fires in the US and Australia last year highlight the destruction of the natural habitat of wildlife. Climate change is a big part of the problem too: longer periods without rainfall create higher densities of dry land.

Yet the current world pandemic helped us rediscover our open spaces: the simple joy of sharing them with family and friends. We need to care for our natural landscapes for future generations to enjoy. As the song’s bridge says, “Together we must change it: You and I”

Cleveland Archacology logo

Cleveland Archacology

♥ Other projects include unpaid performances for Sutton Salvation Army Community Centre, and free-entry gigs to support the "Art For All" initiative, encouraging communities to support music venues and local independent musicians, singers and bands. Artists like me write and perform original self-penned songs, keeping the creativity within the music industry fresh and energised.

Keep track of events and news and please support our community activities! Contact us if you have a special cause which might benefit from our help.

This is how we give back. Especially when you, the fans support us, we will pass on that goodwill to our community and charity partners. Thank you!

Global Day for Climate Justice

When It's Gone