John D Hastings

This Is The Way



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Recorded and mastered for this century! An ode to Lambretta scooters, parkas, smart suits and being “sharp”. Us working class mods spent our wages on made to measure suits, music and clubbing. It was all about fashion and style, escaping your daily life. The sharper you looked, the better your chances of dancing with a girl down the club!

The late 70’s mod revival and film Quadrophenia made this the perfect time for The Stilettos to release This Is The Way, in November 1979. It’s a flippant nod to the 60’s, “Whiskey a Go Go” was a Manchester club of the same name back then (based on the one in Hollywood). Go Go dancers grooving to great music. Superman aka Clark Kent on the big screen, the dream of winning the Football Pools!

Enjoy This Is The Way. It’s a modernist classic!