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We are so proud to support the preservation of Eston Hills on World Environment Day 2020. I wrote “When It’s Gone” after news of the dreadful fires caused by arson back in my hometown. Cleveland Archaeology Trust (CAT) is a Community Interest Company running not-for-profit projects in Cleveland, NE England. Its mission is to connect “People With Place by promoting well-being, belonging and cultural value through sustainable Heritage and Archaeology.”

When you download “When It’s Gone” from here there are three donation options: £2, £5 and £10

Or go to your usual music platform to download at the price set by the platform, with no donation option.


Support CAT’s Eston Hills rescue project and community work, donate now:

When Its Gone

£ 2.00 each
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£2.00, £5.00 and £10.00 Download/donation options to Cleveland Archaeology Trust ...more

Never in history have we needed to care for our natural landscapes more. This current world pandemic has helped us rediscover our open spaces, relearning the simple joy of sharing them with family and friends.

YOUR donations will help us:

  • Provide community engagement for all: kids, parents, schools, walkers, dog walkers and their dogs, cyclists and more
  • Do more to protect our landscape, to preserve it for future generations
  • Continue to explore, discover, rescue and repair before our heritage is lost
  • We will report back, and we will celebrate a unique part of Britain!covid
  • Everybody in any part of Britain and the world can get involved - that's our partnership mission 

Time #ForNature      

Special to me (Mini Album 4+1 bonus songs)

£ 3.99 each
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“Special to me” is a new mini-album of songs with a distinct 80’s vibe. A small collection of songs from my back catalogue. This is the starting point of an exciting decade, a taste of what’s to come over the few months. The title track was a favourite of my Mam’s! ...more

Album - One take wonders

£ 5.99 each
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An album-worth of our songs recorded in one take. Play the song medley in the Sample Audio. ...more

More releases next month, come back again!

The Stiletto Years

People of today

£ 0.99 each
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This is about a made to measure future and you’re the tailor. Your style and speak are king. Lead don’t follow like sheep. ...more

Love grows

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The original by Edison Lighthouse was a catchy hippy '70's love song.  ...more

San Franciscan nights

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A classic released in 1967 by The Animals. The original melody was anthemic and slightly mournful. ...more

Lovers in the night

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When does “teenage love” mean more than a crush or phase we go through? ...more

Take your time

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How when we are young we are in such a rush to do everything, we have so much energy. ...more

Walk away

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When you know deep down a relationship is over because of the way he’s treated you. Yet you’re holding on to the feelings you once had. ...more

She knows what she wants

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It’s about an ambitious, ruthless, attractive woman who will do anything to get what she wants. ...more

Daddy is a movie mogul

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Sometimes you can have everything, yet nothing at all. Like being alone even in a crowded room. ...more