John D Hastings

Lovers in the Night (2023)



£ 1.00 each

This song is about two young star-crossed lovers, who are in love and want to spend their lives together. They are “underage” for marriage and need their parents’ consent who think they are too young.

The young lovers decide to find a new life for themselves and everyone thinks they are doomed. It’s a contemporary Romeo and Juliet styled story with a twist.

I come from a small North-East England community and grew up with industries surrounding our small town. In those days you often took up the same "trade" as your parents and our options were limited.

Find out if the lovers in the night have a happy ending or not!

This is a newly recorded version from when I use to play this in the band The Stilettos, back in the day, in the 20th century! I love the crazy intro and decided not to clip it for “radio play” as it sets the scene for the song.

Huge thanks to Jamie Brown, multi-instrumentalist maestro and co-producer!