John D Hastings




Play LIONS lyric video.

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My wife Frankie asked me to write about how the pandemic has changed our lives, communities and attitudes towards each other.

I wanted to capture the strength of people living and working in difficult times and situations. “Lions” is my alternative love song for Pride Month and beyond: a song about kindness, acceptance, gratitude and love for everyone!

There are two parallel themes in “Lions”. During the pandemic many health and care workers died by bravely carrying on ensuring the best welfare of others. I thought of lions as being natural symbols of strength, loyalty, kindness and dignity. This is a tribute to those people who “we are crying for”. The rainbow became a symbol for the NHS.

“Lions” is also a song about diversity, inspired by those who wave the flags of their identity with courage and pride. Where I live in Sutton, London, the council created a pink, white and blue road crossing in addition to the existing rainbow crossing to represent our LGBTQ+ communities.

This is a song about inclusion. About tolerance. Not trying to tame people to fit in with our beliefs. One day we will ALL wave our flags symbolising who we are without fear, shame or persecution. “Lions” is about hope, love, celebration and caring for each other!