John D Hastings

Special to me (Mini Album of 5 songs)

Special to me (Mini Album of 5 songs)


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Special To Me is a mini-album of songs with a distinct 80’s vibe, selected from my back catalogue of recordings. It was an exciting decade, and gives you a taste of what’s to come over the next few months. And the title track was a favourite of my Mam’s!

  1. All I Ever Needed - When we struggle to cope, it feels like life is conspiring against us. We make bad decisions, take the wrong directions. Out of the blue the right person walks into your life, sets you on the right path. You know you don't need anybody else, they build you up again.
  2. Don't You Stop - The bigger the risks the greater the reward. You only get out of life what you put into it. This is a warning, the writing's on the wall! When you stop living the best life you can, the flame inside you starts to die.
  3. Nowhere To Go - You think your relationship is just fine, until your partner drops a bombshell. One moment you are surrounded by their love, the next you are looking in from the outside. Suddenly there is a huge hole in your life, you're left with regrets. How you wished you said or done things differently.
  4. Reading Minds - When a couple doesn't talk, communciation breaks down. Be brave, be honest and trust each other. What have you got to lose? Realise you can only gain by sharing your thought and feelings. It's the whole purpose of being in love and the kindness it brings into your life.
  5. Special To Me - When a person touches your heart and leaves an emotional footprint there. Sometimes we walk together forever in life, sometimes we allow time to blow away the footprints. All we have left are the memories of a once perfect love.