John D Hastings

Album - One take wonders

Album - One take wonders


£ 5.99 each

An album-worth of our songs recorded in one take. Play the song medley in the Sample Audio.

  1. The game of life
  2. Do you really want to know?
  3. Take your time
  4. High flyer
  5. Somethin' 'bout the music
  6. Open up your heart
  7. Daddy is a movie mogul
  8. Late night final (bonus track)

We were on a high from sell-out gigs and wanted to capture our unique sound. We turned up, tuned up: played pure raw energy. The four of us miked up in one room, the recording of these song versions evolving instinctively. After months of living and breathing The Stilettos, we deliver an explosive medley of fan-favourites!

Late night final - bonus track!

When I was a boy, our local paper the "Evening Gazette" issued a late edition. The vans would screech down the roads to deliver newspaper bundles to street corner kiosks by 6pm. Our world was there in black and white: everyone's stories, everyone's lives!