John D Hastings


my story as a singer songwriter starts with me singing in Northern folk and working men’s clubs back in the 70's. Fast forward a few years, when I signed as lead singer in my mod rock band with a major record label, Ariola (BMG). How I thought they would nurture a long-term music career. And how a simple management reshuffle cost me my recording dreams and yet undaunted, I still created many songs.

I continue to write contemporary original music, inspired by everyday events and the extradinary experiences life somtimes throws at us. Over the coming months I will release songs recorded at home, rehearsal rooms and professional recording studios.

I hope you like my music because it’s all about the song and my voice. From my early years of mod rock, new wave, electro 80’s pop to ballads and adult oriented rock, the songs here will evoke happy and sad emotions in you, reflections of your life. Comparisons of my voice and music are made to artists and bands like Bryan Ferry, Martin Fry (ABC), The Police and The Human League. That’s quite a range of talent! I am flattered of course and hope you find my style of singing distinctive.

So yes, there is going to be a retro feel to my music back catalogue. My songs are the stories of life, about people like you and me. I will be telling you why and how I write my songs, their evolution. The influence of me growing up in 1960’s North Yorkshire, against a working-class background of iron, steel and shipbuilding industries, cradled by the beautiful craggy moors and Eston Hills. Take a peek into my family photo album, a visual story of a happy childhood.

These songs reflect a world of naivety against a backdrop of growing pains, getting your first job, dancing all night, falling in and falling out of love. About dirty dangerous jobs, social inequality, oppression, being vulnerable and never, ever giving up on your hopes and dreams.

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