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New Release: People of Today (2021 version) – inspiration and humanity #WorldHumanitarianDay #PeopleOfToday

I released People of Today (2021) on World Humanitarian Day 2021 as a tribute to many people around the world who do not have a voice. This song is about expressing your opinions, and identity is its heart.

We take for granted that we can speak, dress the way we want and go out in public without fear of being victimised. Imagine not being being accepted for who you are, that your heritage or background makes you a target for hate crime and prejudice.

On World Humanitarian Day, 19 August 2021, this song drives the missive that not everyone in the world has freedom of speech or indeed, freedom itself. Recent news highlights the displacement and fear felt by those caught up in conflict within their own homeland.

This is my first blog of 2021 and I feel sad that the anthemic rhythms of People of Today (2021) resonate now with such uncertainty across the world. And after over 18 months of the pandemic I have been inspired by stories of courage, selflessness and kindness.

I want this song to reflect those who demand recognition to be heard, who want freedom from past and present conflicts. It an anthem for the ideals and drive of the young people of today, who will shape our world and common future.

A version of People of Today was written over 40 years ago, at the very start of my music career! I recorded it with my band The Stilettos from Eston, North Yorkshire. It's included with other songs from my power pop days and more recent compositions on the website.

During the dark days of the pandemic I spent the time reflecting, writing and recording a new set of songs, ready for release over the next few months. I will release my first solo album next year, so please follow me on my socials, or sign up  for further news, stories and offers!

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