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Hello, welcome to John D Hastings' first ever blog. I'm Frankie, No.1 fan of John and his music for over 37 years. OK, I also happen to be married to him and now manage his website,

To get a feel for the man behind the music I will blog my interviews with John. I will extract exciting info about his musical inspiration and songwriting techniques. With a back catalogue of over 180 songs, our chats will feature many of his recordings released on this website.

John's musical career spans over 40 years and still counting. You are going to hear some 70's rock-with-mod-theme in his band The Stilettos, his 80's years of pop-rock, electro-pop and stunning ballads. The nineties and noughties proved productive yet difficult to record songs due to life's usual constraints and commitments. We will keep you posted on any new releases and recordings.

F: Hi John, this seems a bit weird, me interviewing you. And yet in the process of setting up this music website I have found out really quirky stuff about your life before we met. It's all been very exciting setting up the website together hasn't it?

J: Yes it's a new experience for me! It's been hard work. All the tracks had to be remastered for mp3 digital download. Choosing the first songs was tough, I hope my selection will appeal to a new audience. Some are quite raw in their energy and simplicity. The Stilettos sound so good, the edgy verve of my vocals as lead singer took me back!

The songs reflect a slice of life in a small Northern town in the 1970's, so be prepared everyone, it's retro music at its best.

F: And what do you mean by "retro" music? Is it music which resonates with people now?

J: Yes, exactly. Imagine when you were growing up especially back in the 70's and 80's, and the music you listened to then. It brings back memories of good times, perhaps the pain of breaking up with someone special, or simply being in love

I also wrote songs about the inequalities and injustices I saw around me. The style of the melodies and lyrics defines a certain time in British music. At the moment, there isn't really this sort of music available for that generation of music lovers.

F: And why is your music so evocative to your fans?

J: Well, importantly it's new and original music. I wrote at a time when music had changed radically with punk rock and new wave. The band evolved from that, and we were compared to early material by The Police and the like. Even though we were trying to create our own sound, which I think we did. I hope people want to listen to that type of music, capture the energy the way our fans did at gigs.

F: Is that why you decided to publish your songs on your own website?

J: Yeah, I wanted to share my songs  with everyone, original fans and new ones. I am genuinely proud of what I achieved and I am still songwriting and singing as you know.

I am creating my own destiny and my own possibilities, with help from you the fans out there!

F: It's a journey we are all on together. I have the privilege of knowing more brilliant songs are yet to come. So, what can everyone expect over the next few months?

J: More songs are coming next month written and recorded in The Stilettos era. There will be a few covers, where we put our distinct style into them. They are very different to the originals! I found other versions to some of my songs which appeal in their own right, they will be added to the track listing. The summer will bring songs from the 80's, when I co-produced many of the recordings in a studio I co-owned.

F: Thanks John, look forward to talking with you in a few weeks about music, singing and the meaning of life in songs!

J: Thanks Frankie. I will post up any news on my Facebook page, looking forward to hearing from you all!
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Thursday, 28 September 2023