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Podcast interview (with music, three songs) ends at 22:24 mins

Introduction by John D Hastings, 2022:

Hi, I’m John D Hastings a singer songwriter from North Yorkshire living in South London. I moved down to London in the 70’s for my music career. This is the second of two podcasts of interviews with seasoned DJ Tommy Vance, as broadcast by radio station British Forces Broadcasting Services UK in November 1979. The station followed the music journey of The Stilettos from no record deal to the release of our first single on Ariola BMG. From sleeping rough on Wimbledon Common to living and getting parking tickets in Mayfair London, listen and enjoy!

[Dedication by Tommy Vance to radio listeners]

Tommy Vance: The Tremeloes, from many years ago, it’s called “Silence is Golden” and that‘s especially for Fiona and also for Charles and Yvonne, who are over there with the first RTR ACC/ATT in Hereford. Hope you’re having a good day today. [Music jingle, BFBS UK]

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Transcript read: 10:00 mins (without music)
Podcast interview (with music) ends at 18:12 mins

Introduction by John D Hastings, 2021:

Hi I’m John D Hastings a singer songwriter from North Yorkshire living in South London. I moved down to London in the 70’s for my music career. This is the first of two podcasts of interviews with a brilliant DJ called Tommy Vance, on a radio station called British Forces Broadcasting Services UK. It’s a rare recording from August 1979. I was lead singer in The Stilettos, and I had just signed a publishing deal. For a funny and nostalgic insight into why four naïve lads from Yorkshire jacked their jobs in to seek fame and fortune, listen and enjoy!

[Music intro]

Tommy Vance: BFBS UK on a Thursday, it’s time for an experiment on BFBS UK. What we are going to do is we are going to adopt our own group and follow their fortunes, and believe me I know, the hard world of the music industry. Now we’re not going to cheat by taking on an established group with a recording contract signed sealed and delivered. We’re starting out with The Stilettos, two days before they go into the recording studio to record their first professional demo. Now John Hastings and Tommy Atkinson are here from The Stilettos. Gentlemen, welcome to BFBS UK.

John D Hastings/Tommy Atkinson: Hello Tommy

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As featured in the podcasts above:

The exciting new versions of "Game Of Life" (Interview One), "This Is The Way" and "Who Can It Be?" (Interview Two).

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