John D Hastings

About J D Hastings

As was common in those days, I was born at home, a cosy council house in Nab Close, Eston. I joined my sister Joyce, age 5 and brother Pete, 2. Happy memories of days out on Saltburn and Redcar beaches; fish and chips in Whitby. I still visit every year, for a holiday with my wife, a family lunch with cousins and catching up with friends.

After singing in the barbers for a free haircut I joined the Sunday school choir.

There was always music playing in my house and Mam and Dad loved to go dancing. My Dad was a promising tenor singer as a teenager, but his family couldn’t afford professional singing lessons in those days. When he was older, friends and family would get him to sing at social gatherings as top entertainment. Guess that’s where I got my singing talent and love of public performance from!

I completed my 4 year apprenticeship with Head Wrightson as a fitter and turner.

The work was challenging and scary: huge machinery, hot, loud and dirty. There were some terrible (sometimes fatal) accidents on the shop floor long before health and safety rules had been properly thought out.

I learnt my trade whilst honing my creative side, singing and song writing.

Those years in the choir had been a great training for lead vocals and harmonies! Singing with Andy set me up for my next challenge. Joining as lead singer in a local band, we did the music circuit in North Yorkshire singing pop and rock covers.

When I suggested using my self-penned songs they were up for it

and thanks to Tommy, Alan and Cliff, The Stilettos began an exciting adventure full of tough times, good laughs and great music!

Come back soon to share my music rollercoaster journey………

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